Gambling Addiction Treatment Options in the Lancaster/Lebanon Area

September is National Recovery Month, a time when organizations and individuals come together to promote treatment and recovery awareness for addictions of all types, including compulsive gambling.  If you’re worried about a loved one or about your own gambling behavior, here’s what you need to know about finding help and hope:

Gambling Addiction Is Treatable

Whether you’re just starting to worry about gambling or you already owe thousands of dollars in related debt, you can find the path to recovery. A specialized therapist can recommend a treatment plan that will likely include some combination of talk therapy, family or marital counseling, support groups, financial or debt counseling, and lifestyle changes. In some cases, medication is prescribed to help control the urge to gamble.

Lancaster & Lebanon Gambling Addiction Recovery Resources

Treatment Providers– This page lists inpatient and outpatient centers with therapists trained to work with gambling-addicted people. You’ll find providers in Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, and the surrounding areas.

Intervention Resources- When family and friends need to help a compulsive gambler understand how destructive the behavior has become, a professional interventionist offers the tools to guide loved ones through the process. Contact Compass Mark to find gambling addiction intervention services in Lancaster or Lebanon.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)- Based on the Alcoholics Anonymous model of healing, this group is comprised of problem gamblers in the recovery process. Meetings are anonymous and they’re open to anyone who wants to stop gambling. Find local meetings here.

Gam-Anon– This group is specifically for the family and friends of problem gamblers. Meetings provide a safe place to find support from others going through the same experience. The group is open to people regardless of whether their loved one is actively gambling or in recovery. Find a local meeting here.

PA Self-Exclusion List– Self-exclusion allows a gambler to voluntarily ban him- or herself from licensed gaming facilities in PA. When you place yourself on this list, you’re prohibited from betting or collecting winnings. If you do, you can be arrested and charged with trespassing.

Contact Compass Mark for additional problem gambling resources, including education and prevention materials. Call us at 717-299-2831 or get in touch by using our online addiction help form.


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