Online Gambling a Bad Bet, Experts Say

Internet gambling poses increasing challenges for society. That’s the assessment of experts at a recent conference sponsored by the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling. What exactly are those challenges for families, educators, and mental health professionals?

The experts said online gambling…

  • Lures in children with free play, priming them to gamble legally when they reach 18.
  • Attracts youth by offering accounts that don’t verify the gambler’s age.
  • Offers anytime-anywhere accessibility through mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones.
  • Creates an anonymous, gender-neutral environment that makes some women more comfortable gambling because they can play without fear of unwanted advances from men.
  • Provides opportunities for a person to gamble recklessly while drunk, a practice not permitted in most conventional casinos.
  • Employs electronic payment transactions, making it easy for a gambler to quickly drain a bank account or pile up credit card gambling debt.

If you’re a parent, educator, or mental health professional who needs gambling addiction resources in Lancaster or Lebanon, PA, contact us through our online help form, or call us at (717) 299-2831. The Compass Mark team will provide the assistance you need to find addiction help for a loved one or to provide problem gambling awareness education.

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