Problem Gambling: 36,000 Active Duty Military Members May Meet Criteria

Overseas slot machines at American military installations generate an estimated $100,000,000 in profits, according to the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). Yet those 3,000+ machines may have a real-life cost that goes much higher: about 36,000 active duty service members are believed to meet the criteria for problem gambling.

Problem gambling is not a money problem or a matter of “poor” willpower. Gambling addiction is a brain condition that negatively–and often profoundly–impacts a person’s ability to carry on daily life. The inability to control gambling urges affects mental and physical well-being and often causes relationship problems that can lead to estrangement, separation, or divorce.

Gambling Addiction and the Military: Statistics
Find Help for Problem Gambling in Veterans

Gambling addiction is treatable. Contact your local VA medical center or community clinic to learn more about gambling addiction resources and treatment. You can also visit Make the Connection, a Department of Veterans Affairs online resource for problem gambling and other conditions, like alcohol abuse and PTSD.

Compass Mark can also guide you in the right direction. We offer compulsive gambling resources to individuals and families in Lancaster, PA and Lebanon, PA. Call our compassionate team at 717-299-2831 or fill out the online Help Form.

To learn if you or someone you love is at risk for problem gambling, take the quiz on the SafeStakes home page.


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One thought on “Problem Gambling: 36,000 Active Duty Military Members May Meet Criteria

  1. We have a national program for the treatment of Gambling Disorder open to veterans and activie duty military members. Anyone eligible for VA care is eligible for this program. This is the first program for the treatment of gambling, operating since 1972.

    Dr. Heather Chapman
    216-791-3800 x6962
    Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center,
    Cleveland OH