Problem Gambling Warning Signs in College Students

Do you suspect excessive gambling is hurting a college student you know or love? Stay alert for the red flags that suggest a serious, life-changing addiction:

  • Experiencing a drop in grades
  • Neglecting academic or work responsibilities to gamble
  • Avoiding activities, like hobbies, he or she formerly enjoyed
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Spending increasing amounts of time gambling in conventional betting facilities or through online casinos
  • Using gambling to relieve anxiety or stress
  • Borrowing money to play
  • Continuing to gamble in the hopes of “winning back” losses
  • Boasting about winning
  • Exhibiting out-of-character behavior (i.e. a typically outgoing person becomes withdrawn or an academic achiever starts to regularly fail)
  • Making unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling
  • Becoming depressed and withdrawn after heavy losses
  • Talking about suicide or making suicidal attempts

If you’re in the Lancaster or Lebanon area and need help finding gambling addiction resources, contact Compass Mark. Our referral team is here for you. Call us at (717) 299-2831 or use the simple online help form for confidential, judgment-free assistance.

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