Why Do Gamblers Gamble? [Infographic]

Gambling is a harmless form of entertainment for millions of American adults. However, more than five million Americans struggle with gambling addiction, a diagnosable condition that negatively impacts every aspect of their lives.

Excessive gambling is still viewed by some as a weakness or vice that can be stopped by simply exerting more willpower. Yet a growing body of research shows it’s a condition rooted in a complex brew of sources that can include genetic, biological, and environmental factors.

But why does anyone gamble in the first place? The Psychology of Gambling infographic, developed by Injury Free Nova Scotia and shared via Kings Community Action Group on Gambling, shares insights on how gambling affects the way a person thinks and makes decisions.

Learn more below, and then take this assessment quiz to determine your risk for developing problem gambling. To find gambling addiction education and treatment resources in Lancaster, PA and Lebanon, PA, call Compass Mark at 717-299-2831 or use our simple Compulsive Gambling Help Form.




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